I'm honored to be the lead product designer for Demandforce's Covid-19 Hub, assisting its 14,000+ clients communicate their new policies and operating hours during this difficult time. Collaborating with a cross-functional agile team, we launched step-by-step guides, WebMD articles, and critical resources within two weeks. Looking forward to how this hub can help our clients remain successful and safe.

Role: Lead Product Designer
Manager: Christine Holland, Hugh Mahoney
Platform: Web and responsive mobile
Status: Ongoing

Demandforce is a SaaS platform for small- to medium-sized businesses to communicate with their customers, through B2C tools such as web hosting, appointment management, and email/text communications.

The coronavirus pandemic has deeply impacted Demandforce’s 14,000+ clients, with small businesses having to close or significantly alter their policies to open safely. There was a significant need for a resource center to help our clients survive and succeed through the pandemic.

The goal was to go from idea to launch in two weeks, so time was of the essence. Working with product manager Christine Holland and director Hugh Mahoney, I was the sole designer to make this new Covid-19 Hub a reality.
Next Steps
As the pandemic continues to impact everyone across the globe, Demandforce’s Covid-19 Hub continues to be a critical resource. My initial designs for the MVP launch are only the beginning. I am honored to continue to continue to iterate and add to this resource hub to assist American small businesses, their employees and customers, remain safe and healthy.

Note: All work that went into the Demandforce Covid-19 Hub was completed remotely in accordance with public health stay-at-home orders.
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